Team trovent has emerged as one of the prominent corporate entities of Kerala with having a diverse business portfolio. From hygiene and beauty products manufacturing, we have now streched our strings to agriculture, food products, plantation ,medical and logistics and plantations. The modern business scenario is one of the constant flux. The economic situation is shooting from the hip and the technology is rapidly evolving. Therefore there is a pressing need to engage in research frequently, and continuously upgrade the products and services to keep up with the competition, and to ensure quality that will satisfy the demands of consumers. Our objective is to provide high quality products at reasonable prices so that a larger number of people will be able to afford superior products. We also ensure that we offer a wide choice in all varieties so that everyone goes back happy. We ensure foremost quality control in our production units, and when products are sourced from other vendors, we ensure that they can be trusted with the quality and safety. Our customers are individuals, families, corporate houses, the hospitality industry, institutions, and more. With our diligence, dedication to excellence and care for the customer, we have succeeded in spreading our wings to conquer new horizons. Today our diverse business interests spread throughout South India have established us as a formidable presence in this region. Still we cherish to become a feather which reaches the cloud nine.

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