We have emerged with agricultural plantation which is spread across a wide range with a vision of supply of freshly produced crops across categories like pepper, ginger cofee, tea and cardamom etc, to help large scale clients which satisfy the needs of end consumers. We are Assuring anchored supply of fresh products and we are the reliable and most preferred supplier of value-added fresh producuts. Its our responsibility to maintain the consistent quality of crops, and to achieve this we made sure that the plantation sector of trovent internationl is Lead by experienced and successful experts. We are certified and standardized in our processes and operations to ensure compliance with highest global standards. We intend to create a trellis of collection of good crops and to evolve with the right knowledge and extension of services to farmers for improved planning and productivity. We deliver the full assortment of ‘ready-to-retail’, customer-friendly products.

Plant Protection

All plants are excellently protected from all type of infections and risks

Climate Care

Our plants are unbendable to the rapidity of climate change or boomings

Harvesting Care

We use adavnced resources for harvesting for harmlessness

Trovent International Marketing