20 Acres Of Purity

With a wide range of cultivation of agricultutral plants in a large province of 20 acre land, we are still beaming in the provision of uncontaminated agricultural items which include Yellow-banana, Pine-apple, Jackfruit, Avocado etc. The inevitable tubers of dining tables like koorka, curry banana, tapioca, drumstick and rice also. We are always four squre behind the needs of our customers and our purely cultivated agro items are satisfying their needs accordingly. We have ensured that no harmfull pestisides are used during the entire process of cultivation and keeping a certain saftey standards. Each items are gratified with rich and healthy contents. With a an enrgetic team to look over the crops, we have made excellent agricultural cultivation experiance over the years. We have been serving our agro products across the globe by this time. Trovent international aimed to bring you the healthiest, Fresh, and Natural Food products.

Our Agro Products

Yellow Banana




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